Non-standard equipment

We manufacture non-standard equipment of various degrees of complexity, made of stainless steel of various grades, which can be used in food industry, both according to technical drawings provided by the customer, or according to our own drawings.
We ensure all required documentation.

Boot dryer

Meat cutting line

The line shown in the image is intended for meat processing companies. We also offer adapted cutting lines for fish processing companies. The cutting line will help optimize the processing work – reducing processing time and making the production of the end product more efficient. Below you can see a description of the cutting line.

Rotating table

Cheese shelves

We manufacture cheese ripening frames, which can be placed in 3 levels, putting them on top of each other and obtaining more space in the storage.

Buffer container, platform

We manufacture various buffer containers, platforms.

Cheese press

Screw conveyor

Box carts


Sliding doors

Disinfection barrier

Storage container

Glass balcony

Skin remover