Сar washing lines

Car washing lines

Stages of work:

Spraying, front sink, side and rear


Two vertical brushes - moving on the sides of the vehicle.

One horizontal brush for the front and rear washing of the vehicle.

Moving vertically. Front and rear are controlled by sensors. Ultrasonic sensors are designed to work under the following conditions.

Radio control


While pushing, press the button on the remote control, turn on the water supply. The driver calls in, then follow the traffic lights (green light, yellow, red stop) Press the second button - start the vertical brush and wash the front of the vehicle, once the brush is fixed in the up position, the driver follows the traffic lights and rides inside. With the help of the remote control, the vertical brushes are activated, they "find" the sides of the vehicle, the driver moves forward slowly - washes the sides until the traffic signal signals reaching the rear of the vehicle. Stop. Runs the rear brushes - washing the back of the vehicle.

Disables the entire system

The driver drives the vehicle as directed.

Galvanized design, water supply AISI 304.